Show of Nobility Horse Sculpture

Large Bronze Rearing Horse Sculpture

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The horse reflects nobility and grace, and for centuries has inspired many artists to illustrate their beauty in the form of sculptures or paintings. In this large bronze rearing horse sculpture, our sculptor highlights the rearing horse resting on its two hind legs upon which he balances his powerful body. The rearing horse appears to be triggered off seeing something that arouses his excitement and it paws the air tilting its head to one side. Our rearing horse simply electrifies with its presence and the sculptor illustrates further the glaring of its nostril with mouth open to highlight further the animal’s lack of composure.

Cast in bronze using the lost wax process, the horse sculpture comes beautifully detailed with vivid and crisp details as the powerful veins of the horse’s body is magnified further. This is a fine bronze sculpture to adorn the living room and den of the equestrian lover.

Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: About 26"H x 15" x 8"

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