Bronze German Shepherd Alsatian Statue

Bronze German Shepherd Alsatian Statue

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One of our life size German Shepherd statues, this bronze German Shepherd statue celebrates the good looks and intelligent dog also known as the Alsatian in Britain. German Shepherds are known to obey their masters and are used by the police for a number of activities including tracking drugs at the airport. Here, our sculptor captures the alertness of a German Shepherd and highlights one that comes beautifully detailed for character. Known to be a working dog, German Shepherds are of medium to large size and can be temperamental dogs due to their occasional response when it comes down to treating unfamiliar people. Regardless, these intelligent dogs are thought to be useful as service dogs where they can be used by the police to handle crime cases or trained to guide the disabled and the blind.

Our life size German Shepherd has been cast in bronze using the ancient lost wax process and is beautifully finished to capture the sharp and good looks of this police and service dog. Our artisan has captured its good looks and revealed the amazing stature of this animal where it can be used outdoors for a park or a community building that celebrates this capable dog. Standing at close to 32” in height, this statue of a bronze German Shepherd comes ready to add character to a home or garden where it can withstand the elements and service a purpose or tribute to the enchanting dog that all America loves.

Bronze statue.

Dimension: 32"H x 45" x 17"

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