The Abduction of Psyche Life Size Bronze Sculpture

The Abduction of Psyche Life Size Bronze Sculpture

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The story of Psyche has been widely read and depicted in the 19th century. According to classical mythology, it is said that the beautiful young Psyche incurs the envy of the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite and to eliminate competition to her, Aphrodite sends her son Eros or Cupid (Roman God of Love) as he is known according to Roman myth, to make Psyche fall for a hideous creature. However, Eros or Cupid falls for Psyche instead.

Our life size sculpture of Psyche and Cupid comes beautifully detailed and depicts the flight of Cupid with Psyche. Created from bronze, it bears glory to the myth and highlights the beauty of Psyche as she is held close to Cupid.

Bronze sculpture. Hand crafted and Hand finished by an artisan. Museum quality.

Dimensions: 98"H x 50" x 50"

Weight: 500 lbs.
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