Thorvaldsen’s Jesus Christ Granite Statue - 12”H

Thorvaldsen’s Jesus Christ Granite Statue - 12”H

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Hand carved and hand sculpted by a master artisan, our granite sculpture of Thorvaldsen’s Christ captures beauty and peace, a wonderful granite statue of the Lord which can be displayed in a school, church or garden. Sculpted by professional sculptors, our Thorvaldsen’s Christ granite statue is crafted with high attention to detail and is beautifully rendered to highlight the Savior in all His glory.

Bertel Thorvaldsen created Christus in 1833 which is the image of Jesus Christ that was made of white Carrara marble. It is now located in the Church of Our Lady, an Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Today, there are many replicas of Thorvaldsen’s representation of Jesus Christ.

Granite stone.

Dimensions: 12”H

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